High-Speed Wireless Internet
Great for the countryside.
NEONet High-Speed Wireless Internet is available in many areas around Dawson Creek.

  • West of Bear Mountain - towards Arras and Fellers Heights.
  • North of Bear Mountain - towards Farmington.
  • South of the city - towards the ski hill; McKinnon and Rocky Mountain Subdivisions.
  • North of McKinnon Subdivision.
  • North of the city - towards Rolla.
  • East of the city - towards Moore Subdivision and Baytree.
  • Pouce Coupe and surrounding areas.
  • Blockline Road and Tate Creek.
  • Gundy and south of Gundy - towards Tomslake.
  • Bonanza and north of Bonanza.

Our coverage emanates from a variety of sites into the areas described above. Depending on hills and other factors, not all locations in each area will receive our signal. Locations beyond them might receive our signal unexpectedly. In general, clear line of sight to one of our towers is a must.

Wireless outdoor radio equipment is used, and can be rented or purchased from us.
  • The average cost of a wireless radio is $150.00.
  • The standard subscription service cost is $400.00 per year.

Please contact us if you want to know more about our Internet options in your area.

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