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tower High-Speed Wireless Internet
High-Speed Wireless Internet access is now available in some areas around Dawson Creek.
We are able to provide this service to these areas:
    • West of Bear Mountain, towards Arras and Fellers Heights.
    • North of Bear Mountain towards Farmington. 
    • Southern parts of the city and the Ski-Hill, McKinnon Sub.
    • North of the city towards Rolla.
    • Pouce Coupe.
    • Gundy
    • Bonanza & Baytree. 

Clear line of sight to one of our towers is required.  We have access points on a tower north on 8th Street and on a tower on Bear Mountain. We also have a tower east of Pouce Coupe.

The subscription standard service cost is $400.00 per year. 

Wireless ethernet based outdoor radio equipment is required and can be rented or purchased.
( average cost of a wireless radio is $150.00 )

Enquiries should be made to enquire@neonet.bc.ca or visit us at
Unit 202 929 102nd Avenue, Dawson Creek BC.

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